Glass Lamination Furnace Technical Features

Fangding Glass Lamination Furnace Technical Features

four layers (10)
1. The furnace body adopts a steel structure, and the furnace uses a dual thermal insulation combination of high-grade thermal insulation materials and new anti-heat radiation materials. Fast temperature rise, good thermal insulation effect, less heat loss and energy saving.
2. The self-developed intelligent temperature control system, the whole process runs fully automatically, and starts with one key. With fault alarm, fault analysis function, automatic alarm function after running, no need for workers to guard.
3. The heating power can be adjusted automatically, the heating is faster and the energy consumption is smaller
4. The vacuum pressure can be adjusted automatically. During the film melting stage, the glue overflow phenomenon of thick film can be avoided due to excessive pressure.
5. It has the function of power-off and pressure-maintaining. After the vacuum pump is powered off, the vacuum bag can automatically maintain the vacuum without personnel guarding. After the power is turned on, it can continue to operate to prevent the occurrence of waste laminated glass.
6. The vacuum bag is made of high tear-resistant silicone plate, which is durable and has good air tightness.
7. The heating tube adopts nickel alloy stainless steel heating tube, which is uniformly heated by carpet and has a long service life. The circulating fan can make the upper and lower surfaces of each layer of vacuum bags heat more evenly.

Laminated glass production steps:

two layers (9)
1. After combining the cleaned glass with the cut EVA film, put it into a silicone bag. The laminated glass can be stacked one by one. In order to prevent the small glass from moving, the glass can be fixed with heat-resistant tape around it. it is good.
2. It is convenient to place the gauze around the glass for vacuum exhaust, and cold pump for 5-15 minutes at room temperature to empty the air in the silicone bag.
3. Generally, the temperature of the glass surface reaches 50°C-60°C, and the holding time is 20-30 minutes; then continue to heat until the glass surface temperature reaches 130°C-135°C, and the holding time is 45-60 minutes. The thickness of the film or the number of laminated layers increase, the holding time can be appropriately extended.
4. In the cooling stage, the vacuum needs to be maintained, and the fan can be used to cool down.

Post time: Jul-08-2022