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  • three-layers liftable laminated glass machine

    three-layers liftable laminated glass machine

    Specification: Model Processing glass size (mm) Rated  power Operation system N.W. Outside dimonsion (mm) Floor space   (mm) Production capacity (m2/cycle) FD-J-2-3 2000*3000*3 layers 36kw Siemens PLC 3500kgs 2530*4000*2120 3720*9000 54 FD-J-3-3 2200*3200*3 layers 40kw Siemens PLC 3700kgs 2730*4200*2120 4020*9500 63 FD-J-4-3 2200*3660*3layers 46kw Siemens PLC 3800kgs 2730*4600*2120 4020*10500 72 FD-J-5-3 2440*3660*3layers 52kw Siemens PLC 4100kgs 2965*4600*2120 4520*1050...