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The Glass Cleaning & Drying Machine:
The main drive is by gear . The digital indicator shows the frequency conversion speed . The cleaning system is equipped with a detection device at the inlet,while no glass enter into within the setting time, the drive motor and the water pump will stop working .The drying system is equipped with an air valve at the outlet either,while the glass enter into the drying section,it will open , Otherwise, it will close.This machine has 3 sets of roller brushes. When the low-e glass is detected, the stiff brush will automatically raise. The fan outlet is equipped with an electric heating device to remove the water mist. It is a low noise, high efficiency and energy saving machine.

1. The machine is designed with a control and detection device at the entrance point . No glass can be detected in the cleaning section for more than 5 minutes,the washing machine drives the motor, and the water pump stops working automatically.

2. Air drying system is designed with a automatic controllable wind valve at the air outlet  ,which can automatically perform opening and closing functions, when the detection of glass goes into the air drying section, the wind valve automatically open, otherwise the wind valve closed, the fan has no load movement state, such control can save 30% of the power consumption.

3. The machine has 3 pairs of brush rollers.

4. A high-voltage energy-saving blower, and the outlet of the blower is equipped with an electric heating device to remove water mist.

5. Designed with 400mm liftable downward support structure which is easy for the maintenance of the equipment.

6. Noise control is below 80dB, which is an efficient and low-energy consumption

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  • Q: Could your machines laminate bent tempered glass?
    A: Yes. Our unique advantage is can laminate large-size bent glass in one step, which is very easy to operate.
    Q: How many stages your machines can set?
    A: Normally we set 3 stages. It can be customized for you to 5 stages if needed.
    Q: When will your machine ready for delivery after our prepayment?
    A: Normally within in 30 days after receiving prepayment.
    Q: What about the terms of payment?
    A: Normally 30% prepayment, 70% before shipment by T/T. L/C and other terms are also available.
    Q: Does your machine have any certifications?
    A: Yes, we do. Our machine have got CE certificate of European union, ISO9001 management system certificate. TUV certificate of Germany, PC certificate for Saudi Arabia, CSA certificate of Canada and so on.
    Q: Could the laminated glass used for exterior?
    A: Yes. The laminated glass with super clear EVA can be totally used for exterior.
    Q: How to operate the machine? Is it difficult?
    A: No, our machine is very easy to operate. The machine will work automatically after you setting the parameters through the PLC touch screen. We send you operating manual with the machine, and experienced engineers can be on-site installation, commissioning and training, we also have video for operation for your reference.

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