Fangding Machine Process Laminated Glass with EVA/Sgp/TPU Film

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* Independent heating up and down, floor heating distribution, modular control, strong convection circulation of turbine

* A number of patented technologies.The heating system uses a turbine fan and a high-density explosion-proof stainless steel electric heating rod for heating. It is equipped with a temperature sensing device, a modular area heating control, intelligent self-adjusting temperature, fast heating, uniform temperature, and strong turbo fan. Convection circulation to ensure the temperature difference in the furnace within 5 degrees.
* The insulation system adopts seamless processing to minimize heat loss. Compared with similar products and equipment, it can save energy by more than 30%.
* High-performance vacuum system with automatic vacuum pressure holding, stable working around the clock, improving product efficiency and quality.

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Basic Info.

Model FD-J--2-2
Machine name EVA glass lamination machine
Process Max. Glass size 2000x3000mm 
Specification Double layers
Operation system Siemens PLC
Power 33KW
Net weight 2200KGS
Dimension 2600x4000x1150mm
Yield 36 square meter per cycle
Origin China
Warranty period 1 year
Heating method Forced convection
Application Architecture/decorative/PDLC/LED


Fangding Lamination Machines

Since 2003, Fangding begin producing glass laminating machine, keep improving and inovation, using unique design of heating and vacuum systems, the heating is evenly in the heat box, temperature difference is 3-5 degrees. The glass laminating machine has two heating rooms. Make the production very smart , heating more quickly, saved around 30% engergy comparing to other Chinese machines.

EVA glass laminating machine can produce laminated glass without autoclave.  Besides architecture clear laminated glass, the machine can also work with silk, paper, plastic film, metal mesh, fiber mesh, switchable film and many other materials for indoor decorative application.

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Heating Elements:

The heating elements are placed in  the furnace evenly and resonable.  The heating is provided with electric radiant heat and is evenly distrubuted with the assisstance of convection fan for very precise heating.  This setup will quickly reach the target temperature, the temperature difference is bellow 5 degrees, the heating is evenly, the laminate glass quality is excellent.



1. The entire equipment frame is welded with 8-10mm thick high-strength steel, and the inner and outer layers are filled with high-density integrated insulation materials.
2. The equipment heating system is developed by our company. The high-performance heating elements are reasonably distributed in the furnace. The unique temperature compensation design allows the heat generated to be evenly distributed to all parts of the insulation box. Multi-point temperature detection of thermal sensing elements, intelligent directional heating, and temperature difference control at 3-5 ° C. The design not only features uniform heating and rapid heating, but also has a long service life and is not easily damaged.
3.Vacuum system. Vacuum degree can be set in sections, pressure relief alarm, stable performance, with vacuum pressure holding, power failure protection and other functions.
4.The control system adopts a new humanized UI interface, which has a higher degree of automation, multi-functional computer control, and equipment status visualization throughout the process, adding fault alarms, regular maintenance tips, pressure relief alarms and other functions.
5.The glass carrier is composed of a deflection rail and a tray. A silicone bag is placed on the tray, and the glass is placed inside the silicone bag.


After-Sales Service:

Installation and technical training:
If the buyer needs the seller to install the machine and offering the technical training to the factory. The buyer need pay for
the sellers air ticket, hotel, food and so on the basic cost. Installation service is free.
Quality Warranty:12 months.(during the time, if any broken any spare parts, we will send for free, only





Shipping to Canada & USA & India


 Machine main configeration

1)Siemens PLC control 

2)One heating rooms

3)Two plates/layers

4)One set vacuum systems

5) One set PLC system

5)One ground rail

6)Two sets vacuum bags

7)Teflon Mesh: 2 sets

Special desgin avaliable


We are a leading manufacture in China with more than 18 years experience in glass laminated machine field. We have professional R&D and production team, if you have any special requirements, please contact with us freely. And warmly welcome you to visit us!

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