Four layers glass lamination machine with dual independent system

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The equipment on the four layers is equipped with a dual independent system, which means that the upper two layers and lower two layers are used as two separate chambers without affecting each other.

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The latest Fangding 4-layer laminated glass machine introduction

4 layers machine equipped with double independent system. Mainly working system includes heating, vacuum, PLC control, glass lifting table,cooling.


The PLC control cabinet adopts piano type design, easy to operate, beautiful appearance and it will be more convenient to write down or place something.


The vacuum pumps and electrical elements are separated, so that could reduce the damage to the electrical elements caused by the vibration of the vacuum pump; improve the service life of those spare parts.




Double independent system:

The equipment on the four layers is equipped with a dual independent system, which means that the upper two layers and lower two layers are used as two separate chambers without affecting each other. Different types of laminated glass can be produced simultaneously.

Siemens PLC Control System

There are 2 sets wind-cooling vacuum pumps, could continuously work for 24 hours. And the buffer tank are added to prevent the air go into the silicone bag when suddenly power off. And we also equipped water vapor separation device, to longer the service life of the pump. Both of them are our exclusive patent.



We adopt stainless heating tube, heating up fast with longer useful lifetime. The rear turbo fan makes the convection hot air circulation in the furnace. The radiation heating effect is much better, the distribution of the heating tube like carpet, all positions of the glass are heated, ensure the glass get uniform heat and improve the yield.

control cabinet

Five-stage temperature design.

You could set the parameters (temperature, time, timing, vacuum degree)  into 5 parts stages. Modular heating mode, more precise temperature control.

Control cabinet

Glass lifting table


The lifting platform adopts the elevator lifting mode, which can reach any floor. Just select the specific layer number of the touch screen and press the button, in this way, we improve the utilization rate of the equipment. The width of the table is 1800mm instead of 1355mm, more reliable and much more loading capacity.

Silicone bag


Imported material, 3 mm thickness, it could stand high temperature to 180°C. Quality guarantee period keeps 4 years in normal condition. The thickness of glass that could stand is 36mm. In each silicone bag, there are 2 pcs of teflon meshes to protect silicone bag from being broken.

Cooling part


When the glass heating finished, just take out the pallet, and put it on the top of the machine, there has cooling fans.

There is an induction device on the tray. When the fan senses the position of the tray, it will start working. Until the set time stops.

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  • Q: Could your machines laminate bent tempered glass?
    A: Yes. Our unique advantage is can laminate large-size bent glass in one step, which is very easy to operate.
    Q: How many stages your machines can set?
    A: Normally we set 3 stages. It can be customized for you to 5 stages if needed.
    Q: When will your machine ready for delivery after our prepayment?
    A: Normally within in 30 days after receiving prepayment.
    Q: What about the terms of payment?
    A: Normally 30% prepayment, 70% before shipment by T/T. L/C and other terms are also available.
    Q: Does your machine have any certifications?
    A: Yes, we do. Our machine have got CE certificate of European union, ISO9001 management system certificate. TUV certificate of Germany, PC certificate for Saudi Arabia, CSA certificate of Canada and so on.
    Q: Could the laminated glass used for exterior?
    A: Yes. The laminated glass with super clear EVA can be totally used for exterior.
    Q: How to operate the machine? Is it difficult?
    A: No, our machine is very easy to operate. The machine will work automatically after you setting the parameters through the PLC touch screen. We send you operating manual with the machine, and experienced engineers can be on-site installation, commissioning and training, we also have video for operation for your reference.

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