How to avoid glass bubbles in the production operation of laminating furnace

1. Small bubbles appear on the whole glass: check the working condition of the vacuum pump and the vacuum degree of the vacuum table, and check the sealing degree of the vacuum bag and whether the airway is blocked;




2, the presence of bubbles in the middle of the glass: airway drainage is not well handled;




3, bubble around the glass: high temperature heating time is too long to shorten the high temperature insulation time;




4. Fog appears around the glass, accompanied by bubbles in serious cases: check the dryness of the glass, the dryness of the cover, and the dryness of the EVA film (pay attention to baking or lengthening the holding time in the low temperature section);




5, the whole surface of the glass appears uniform fog: need to lengthen the heat preservation time in the high temperature section; Or film quality problems (except through film)




6, the middle part of the glass appears white fog, accompanied by bubbles in serious cases: the cause of this problem is that the glass or film is wet or water droplets;




7, glass appears long bubble or bubble belt: toughened glass uneven caused by the need to thicken the film, or choose a good coincidence of two pieces of glass




8, tempered laminating, should pay attention to the pairing of tempered glass, keep the same bending degree (try to put the two pieces of glass in the same position of the tempered, the direction must be consistent; Special attention should be paid to the perforated, chipped and shaped glass;)




9, two pieces of different kinds of tempered glass laminating (such as 8mm, 5mm, tempered white glass tempered tea glass, ordinary float glass tempered glass, etc.), need to choose enough thickness of the film;




10, ceramic tile with glass, need to choose polished ceramic tile, and ceramic tile to dry, wax;


Post time: Apr-15-2021