The properties of laminated glass

Laminated glass is made of two or more pieces of glass with one or several layers of laminated film (EVA/PVB) through heating and pressure or heating and vacuuming. We are here to introduce to you what is laminated glass, hoping to help you.

laminated glass

Since the light reflection coefficient of the film sandwiched in the glass is very close to the glass itself, the laminated glass can maintain the same purity and transparency as ordinary glass. When the glass is broken, its fragments are naturally bonded to the film, so this is a safe glass.


The properties of laminated glass:

1. Safety: Laminated glass for construction is a kind of safety glass material with excellent performance. Whether it is installed vertically or obliquely, it can resist the passage of any external collision.

2. Protection: Compared with other glass products, laminated glass has a greater protective effect on people and property. Multi-layer laminated glass (bulletproof glass) can resist bullets, bombs and violent attacks.

Application of  laminated glass made by Fangding EVA machine:four layers (10)

Various architectural and decorative glass. Windows and skylights, balcony handrails, glass partitions, stained glass, smart glass, wired glass. Financial sector and other special occasions with bulletproof and anti-riot requirements.4

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Post time: Sep-06-2022