What type of glass can glass lamination furnace produce?

There are too many glass products in daily life. With the improvement of the quality of life, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of glass in construction. However, the shortcomings of ordinary glass are also troubling. This kind of glass is easy to break and has poor pressure resistance. When broken, many fine glass diamonds are formed, which can easily hurt people. Later, people developed it through its shortcomings, and the developed glass lamination can change the defects of the glass, so what kind of glass can the glass lamination furnace produce?

What type of glass can Fangding glass lamination furnace produce?

four layers (5)


The first category: architectural glass (both ordinary glass and tempered glass can be processed)
1. For example: architectural laminated glass is mainly used for curtain walls, lighting roofs, stair guardrails, shower rooms, etc.;
2. Architectural curved laminated glass is mainly used for curtain walls, exterior windows, spiral staircases, etc.;
3. Bulletproof glass is mainly used in bank counters, jewelry counters, etc.;

The second category: art laminated glass
1. For example: silk laminated glass, cloth laminated glass, art glass and other materials;
2. Mainly used for decorative glass, such as wardrobe doors, sliding doors, coffee table surfaces, art photos, TV background walls, etc.

The third category: new energy glass, such as conductive glass, LED glass, etc.

The fourth category: glass-ceramic composite glass
Mainly used for TV background wall, tile background wall living room microcrystalline stone floor wall tiles.


Post time: Jul-13-2022