Explosion proof glass

Explosion proof glass is mainly divided into two types. One is ordinary explosion-proof glass, which is usually special glass formed by processing and strengthening the surface with high-strength glass. It has a strong anti violent impact effect, and is usually used as an explosion-proof shield for security guards such as kindergartens and subways. The second kind is deeply processed, which is completed by adding two or more pieces of glass into PVB hot pressing. It is generally used by military and police, which can effectively resist the impact. Even if it is broken, it will not fall because of the adhesion of PVB film, so it can continue to block the impact and protect safety.

Note: the explosion-proof glass referred to here is not explosion-proof glass. Explosion-proof glass refers to the one that can resist the shock wave of explosion. See details in next issue.

The difference between bulletproof glass, anti smashing glass and explosion-proof glass is mainly due to their different functions. Bulletproof glass blocks bullets and anti smashing glass can withstand the impact of high-strength sharp tools, and explosion-proof glass has a strong role in resisting violent impact.Autoclave/Glass Laminated Machine Make TPU Film for Bulletproof Glass

Post time: Jul-08-2022