Autoclave/Glass Laminated Machine Make TPU Film for Bulletproof Glass

Short Description:

Industrial Use: Laminated Glass

Transparency: Transparent

Layered: One


Basic Level: Nothing

Heat Seal: TPU

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Basic Info.
Model NO. FDP1
Packaging Vacuum Packing
Name TPU Film
Shore a Hardness 77
Elongation at Break(%) 472
300% Fixed Elongation Stress(MPa) 14.5
Transmittance(%) 93
Trademark FANGDING
Specification 0.64mm*2.3m*100m
HS Code 39209990


Functional Layer TPU
Bag Sealing Methods Cylindrical Bag
Thickness 0.38/0.64/1.52
Tensile Strength(MPa) 21.5
100% Fixed Elongation Stress(MPa) 4.2
Tear Strength(Kn/M) 65.8
Haze(%) 0.23
Transport Package Wooden Box
Origin Rizhao, China




TPU intermediate film is a kind of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer material, which has excellent optical and mechanical properties, good tear resistance and environmental resistance, especially the low-temperature flexibility is the most outstanding of all the intermediate materials. It is an essential key material for aerospace, high-speed train, military and civil helicopter, airliner, transport aircraft windshield, bulletproof armor and high- end automobile glass.


As the laminated glass produced by intermediate film, TPU film has many functions, such as safety, heat preservation, noise control and ultraviolet isolation. It is a kind of glass with high safety performance at present, with high safety such as explosion-proof, bullet proof and typhoon proof. It is widely used in transportation equipment glass, high-end civil buildings, display, security counter of financial institutions, glass plank road, architectural laminated glass, art glass, decorative glass, etc.


Because TPU has strong weather resistance and strong adhesion. It is widely used
In the field of aircraft windshield, high-speed railway windshield and high-end automobile windshield, etc

Autoclave-Glass-Laminated-Machine-Make-TPU-Film-for-Bulletproof-Glass (4)

At present, most of the laminated glass is made of PVB film.
However, it is easy to open, easy to aging, easy to yellowingand poor weather resistance, which leads to the low technical content of laminated glass products. The laminated glass made by TPU can solve these problems perfectly. It is widely used in high-end construction field.

Autoclave-Glass-Laminated-Machine-Make-TPU-Film-for-Bulletproof-Glass (5)

TPU film, as the laminated glass produced by intermediate film, has many functions,such as safety, heat preservation, noise control and UV isolation. Therefore, it is applied in the field of historic sites and cultural relics protection, which not only effectively blocks the damage of cultural relics to ultraviolet rays, but also plays a role of thermal insulation to reduce the interference of external environment on cultural relics. At the same time, it can protect cultural relics from man-made damage with excellent anti smashing and explosion-proof characteristics.

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