Double work-stations laminated glass machine

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Fangding’s latest design of double-layer double-station EVA laminating furnace has high efficiency and large output. Custom sizes are accepted.

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Model Processing glass size (mm) Rated power Operation system N.W. Outside dimonsion (mm) Floor space (mm) Production capacity (m2/cycle)
FD-J-2-2 2000*3000*2 layers 26kw Siemens PLC 2200kgs 2600*4000*1150 3700*9000 36
FD-J-3-2 2200*3200*2 layers 28kw Siemens PLC 2400kgs 2750*4200*1150 4000*9500 42
FD-J-4-2 2200*3660*2layers 30kw Siemens PLC 2500kgs 2750*4600*1150 4000*10500 48
FD-J-5-2 2440*3660*2layers 33kw Siemens PLC 2600kgs 2980*4600*1150 4500*10500 5
Place of Origin Shandong, China
Voltage 220/380/440V, can be customized
Certification CE, CSA,UL
Warranty 1 Year
After-sale service Online support, Free spare parts, Field installation, commissioning and training, Video technical support
Glass Thickness 3-19mm
Core Components Motor, heating tube, PLC, Pump
Product name EVA Glass Laminating Machine
Operating temperature 90-140℃
Control system PLC
PLC Siemens Brand
Heating method Forced Convection
Operation Automatic Control
Processable glass type Normal Glass

Fangding Latest 2-Layer glass lamination furnace

The glass laminating furnace adopts the principle of high temperature vacuum extraction. The film is placed in the middle of two or more pieces of glass. After the high temperature vacuum in the furnace, the film and glass are tightly bonded together to achieve good transparency and no bubbles. And there is no drop after breaking.

* Independent heating up and down, floor heating distribution, modular control, strong convection circulation of turbine

* A number of patented technologies.The heating system uses a turbine fan and a high-density explosion-proof stainless steel electric heating rod for heating. It is equipped with a temperature sensing device, a modular area heating control, intelligent self-adjusting temperature, fast heating, uniform temperature, and strong turbo fan. Convection circulation to ensure the temperature difference in the furnace within 5 degrees.

* The insulation system adopts seamless processing to minimize heat loss. Compared with similar products and equipment, it can save energy by more than 30%.

* High-performance vacuum system with automatic vacuum pressure holding, stable working around the clock, improving product efficiency and quality.



* 99% pass rate
* 50% energy saving
* High efficiency
* PLC control, Simple to operate
* High quality spare parts
* EVA/TPU/SGP film as interlayer
* Rich range of products
* Large size bending glass processing
* No waste when suddenly power off
* Free home installation and training


Fangding Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which was founded in October 2003, located in Taoluo industrial park, Donggang district, Rizhao city, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, specializing in R&D, production and sales & service of the laminated glass machinery and the interlayer films, the main products are EVA laminated glass machine, Heat Soak Furnace, Smart PVB glass laminating line and EVA, TPU and SGP films.

The company has a large number of skilled senior technical personnel and experienced management personnel, established cooperation with many scientific research institutions, has been committing to provide full set of solutions of the glass laminating for the deep-processing enterprises; the company has reached co-operations with many global top 500 companies.

In the international market, the products has been exported to Asia, Europe, America and other more than 68 countries and regions. Be responsible for the customers and develop together with them! It has laid a solid foundation for enterprises to compete on the international stage. Our company has won the trust and praise from the customers all over the world for years.

Looking at the world and advancing with the times, we focus on the details and refine the quality. We gather bits and pieces to chase the future. Fangding Technology uses the passion of innovation to ignite the development of high-end technology enterprises of China.




The company participated in the world glass industry well-known exhibitions every year, such as Germany Dusseldorf international glass industry exhibition, China international glass industry exhibition, China international window and curtain wall exhibition, Italy Milan international glass industry exhibition, the Middle East (Dubai) international glass exhibition, the United States Atlanta international window and curtain wall exhibition and other exhibitions.

During the exhibition, through the on-site processing of the laminated glass, Fangding presented its unique design style and manufacturing process to the customers!

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Packing & Delivery

Wrapped with moisture proof film

Plywood suitable for container loading





Outdoor architecture glass and indoor decorative glass, including glass wall, ordinary float laminated glass, curved laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, high-level office building, furniture, church, villa, wall windowpane, tabletop, craft glass, colored laminated glass, LED glass, smart glass, bullet-proof glass, multi-layer laminated glass, laminated silk glass, household appliances panel glass, glass corner, background wall and video wall glass, coffee table surface glass, partition screen, frameless painting laminated glass and personalized portrait glass etc.

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